Designed for Distraction: Five Online Games for Designers and Their Idle Thumbs

2013.08.30 - Games

Photo by Rob Boudon

The Devil makes work for idle thumbs, so why not distract yourself with some free online games? But ho! These games come laced with educational value! However, unlike your standard educational games, the following titles are actually entertaining.

How to Survive the Next 12 Months as a Freelance Graphic Designer

2013.08.18 - School

Having reflected upon my first twelve months in a previous article, it seems that the obvious next step is to consider how on earth I plan to survive the next twelve. What lessons have been learned and how should they be implemented in the coming year?

How to Survive Your First 12 Months as a Freelance Graphic Designer

2013.08.18 - medic

I started Problem Solved in September 2012, so it seems that I have survived my first twelve months, and certainly at times it felt like more luck than judgement. However, a quick retrospective shows me that I have actually come quite far. …

A New Adventure

2013.08.18 - Road

I think I'm quite ready for another adventure.

Very poignantly said by Bilbo Baggins at the harbour in the Grey Havens, and it is time for my own new adventure: With the re-vamp of this site, I am also founding this blog. So I guess it's time to depart from Middle Earth, and cross the great sea towards the Blogosphere.

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