Designed for Distraction: Five Online Games for Designers and Their Idle Thumbs

2013.08.30 - Games

Photo by Rob Boudon

The Devil makes work for idle thumbs, so why not distract yourself with some free online games? But ho! These games come laced with educational value! However, unlike your standard educational games, the following titles are actually entertaining.

The Rather Difficult Font Game

The subtleties of different type faces can often make a huge difference to a design, and whilst being able to identify a font at twelve paces may seem to be the domain of typophiles, the challenge that this game presents is an interesting one. On one hand you'll be scratching your head trying to pull out hidden type knowledge from the depths of your cranium, yet on the other you may actually be surprised by how many fonts that you can actually identify!

Click here to play The Rather Difficult Font Game
Score to beat: 23/34

Type Connection

Assembling effective typeface combinations can make or break an otherwise well laid out design, and should not be overlooked. Type Connection sees you playing matchmaker with some eligible typefaces and their potential dates. The best feature about this game is the amount of information that is squeezed into it, and how you're presented with the relevant facts that allow you to discern for yourself which pairs are best and more importantly why they work so well together.

Click here to play Type Connection


Color is a resoundingly simple exercise that revolves around the colour wheel, as you try to locate the indicated colour as fast as possible. The game spans six levels: Hue, Saturation, Complementary, Analogous, Triadic, and finally Tetradic. Each represents a greater challenge as you try to match more colours, and simultaneously engage with rudimentary colour theory.

Click here to play Color
Score to beat: 9.2/10

Pica Pic

Created by the somewhat unnerving Hipopotam StudioPica Pic is half mueseum, and half digital-playground. An ever increasing host of vintage LCD games have been recreated in full digital splendour, including not just the games themselves, but also recreating the handheld unit and it's buttons. This site provides an unrivalled opportunity to wonder at game design from yesteryear, and is as close as many of us will come to playing these classic games now that the originals are sought after by collectors never to be played with again.

Click here to visit Pica Pic

Kill Comic Sans

Whilst this entry from Utah based web design & development outfit, Agency Fusion, feels like flogging a dead horse when it comes to Comic Sans hate, it just had to be listed here because we do all need to flog said horse from time to time. Roll up your sleeves, unholster your mouse, and shoot as much Comic Sans as you can in the next 60 seconds.

Click here to Kill Comic Sans
Score to beat: 56


What did you think of this article? Did you beat one of my high-scores? Have you found other game that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Designed by Jason Phillips. Based on Hydrogen by Behind the Rabbit for Sandvox.