How to Survive the Next 12 Months as a Freelance Graphic Designer

2013.08.18 - School

Having reflected upon my first twelve months in a previous article, it seems that the obvious next step is to consider how on earth I plan to survive the next twelve. What lessons have been learned and how should they be implemented in the coming year?

Be Flexible

I have found that over the last twelve months I've picked up a lot of extra things and thoughts, and I am now in a very different place than I was back then. However, I have increasingly found that Problem Solved has become more taxing to manoeuvre and slower to react to opportunities primarily because of time spent having to consider the brand. So this says to me that there are probably a lot inhibiting factors in place that need to be removed as soon as possible.

Explore and Expand

I think that I put too much consideration into the Problem Solved brand this year, specifically taking time considering is x activity/service appropriate for the brand? Retrospectively this seems to have been a bad decision and that I would have been better served by assessing my skills and utilising them wherever they have use or application. So in the coming year I aim to explore new activities and services that I can engage with using and expanding my skillset.

Laurels: Do Not Rest on Them

For me this specifically relates to procrastinating on things that I don't enjoy, in favour of designing. At first this may seem an odd thing to recommend don't design; do things you don't enjoy, but I have to admit that there have been points where networking and self-promotion have fallen by the wayside when I've had projects to work on. This has resulted in a very stop-and-start workflow where I constantly flip between having lots of work, and having next to no projects on. For some this might be fine, but I would prefer to have as steady a flow as possible to stop congestion.


What tips to you recommend for surviving freelance? 

Designed by Jason Phillips. Based on Hydrogen by Behind the Rabbit for Sandvox.